WooCommerce operations made easy.

Connect your WooCommerce website to your point of sale in minutes, and start managing your in-store and online business as one.


Connect your WooCommerce WordPress website to your physical store.

Simplify your operations, reduce manual work, and manage your in-store and online channels together.

Sync your in-store inventory to your WooCommerce site

As items sell online, your physical inventory counts will auto-adjust, and vice versa. No more cumbersome end-of-day reconciliations.

Create products once

Items added to your POS can automatically be shared with WooCommerce. You can select which items to share via our dashboard or auto-share all. Items shared with WooCommerce can start unpublished — a hidden state giving you a chance to add pictures, polish, and publish when ready.


Combine inventory counts across multiple physical locations and have the aggregated amount available on WooCommerce. As items sell in WooCommerce, choose a location to fulfill from within skuIQ.


See a unified customer channel profile combining sales from online and your physical store(s).

Advanced options

Got something specific in mind? skuIQ's flexible software supports many different configurations. For example, you can reverse the standard workflow, and create products in WooCommerce, and auto-add them to your POS. You can also sync more than just inventory, e.g. pricing changes, product titles, etc.


Portability for your WooCommerce data.

Seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce store's products and orders across multiple retail platforms in real time.







Popular integrations with WooCommerce.