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Watch Kevin McKenzie, CEO of SKU IQ and Nicole Leinbach, Retail Minded Founder discuss the core takeaways from the retailer guide.

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10 Action steps to help retailers review, react & redefine their businesses in response to COVID-19

By SKU IQ in partnership with Retail Minded

Retail has historically evolved over time with challenges helping to shape it’s inevitable change. Yet now more so than ever as a result of COVID-19, retail is experiencing a transformation in an accelerated speed unlike any other time in modern history. With retailers having to navigate unexpected twists and turns in their connectivity to consumers, business leaders are encouraged to explore roads that—for many of them—have been less travelled… and often provide bumps along the way.

Among the many discoveries in which retailers need to explore as they look ahead amidst and post COVID-19 include:

Despite the unexpected roadblocks and sudden dead-ends that retailers around the world have experienced due to COVID-19, there is a lot to look forward to in retail. Like any journey, however, it will take time and effort to reach new target destinations. To help, the following 10 action steps provide retailers a roadmap to review, react and redefine their businesses in response to COVID-19.

Ready to explore your business, the future of retail and how customers want to be connected? The journey has already began… but now is your chance to take control by getting in the driver’s seat.

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