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Why Sku IQ?

For too long, physical retailers have been sold complex inventory management systems and DIY eCommerce building tools meant for online-only retailers. These tools take away from the core business of running your retail store(s) where on average 90% or more of your revenue is generated.

Built by Stanford engineers, Sku IQ was designed hand in hand with retailers and those closest to the industry, with simplicity at its core. We understand retailers want to spend less time in tech, maximize the return from their effort, and automate as much as possible. 75% of our software users are female. 100% of our retailers log in every day, spending ~30 minutes managing their operations and increasing sales. That’s it. Simple.

Yes, Sku IQ is a form of inventory management software that covers order management, fulfillment and more, but it is more than just inventory management. Sku IQ is designed not just for business operations but for sales too. In short, it connects sales and inventory together, minimizing costs to run your business and increasing sales.

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