Our Story:

We make inventory management effortless for every merchant to help them focus on their dream of running a thriving small business.


Built Locally, Trusted Globally.

Built by Stanford engineers, SKU IQ was designed hand in hand with retailers and those closest to the industry, with simplicity and reliability at its core.

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Our team consists of both retail and technology experts.

We are experts in providing omnichannel functionality to retailers, working with their existing technologies both in-store and online.

Building the ecosystem for retailers

We believe to drive loyalty and increase sales potential, retailers need to leverage their online presence to provide customers with a near real-time view of what’s in stock at every store so customers can order or reserve products before they visit.

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stock SkuIQ
stock SkuIQ

Omnichannel matters.

More than ever before, traditional brick and mortar retailers need to have their inventory displayed online. Small to mid sized retailers are challenged with managing two sales systems that don’t sync; they spend hours of double data entry, struggling with miss representation of inventory between their Point-of-Sale and eCommerce platforms. This becomes a significant challenge as they try to scale with small budgets and little or no IT staff to support. 

We’ve taken fragmented online and offline data across all major Point-of-Sales and eCommerce platforms and built rules and understanding around each in order to perfectly sync the information and deliver simple reporting. This allows retailers to have a single source of truth on their inventory, products and customers. All while using the systems retailers are already comfortable managing.