Why Partner with Sku IQ?

The Need for Integrated Technology

Overall, the majority of retailers are struggling to embrace technologies now regularly expected by consumers, which prevents them from exploring future retail opportunities.

We believe to drive loyalty and increase sales potential, retailers need to leverage their online presence to provide customers with a near real-time view of what’s in stock at every store so customers can order or reserve products before they visit.

Physical and digital channels are being woven together so that the customer has a unified shopping experience with a retailer aligned with their needs. This has been demonstrated most recently with the increasing number of popular internet retailers embracing the benefits of opening physical stores, e.g. Birchbox, Rent the Runway, Bonobos, Warby Parker, Piperlime, NastyGal, Zappos, Indochino & last but not least Amazon.

New digital trends like Apple Pay, iBeacons, Augmented Reality, Kiosks/Interactive Displays are hitting retail. But they are all for when the customer gets into the store. How do you lead or inspire the customer in-store in the first place? At Sku IQ, we believe that accurate SKU data through integrated offline and online systems is a requirement to participate in the upside of the latest trends.

We are experts in providing omni-channel functionality to retailers, working with their existing technologies both in-store and online. Retailers are leading customers in-store every day with Sku IQ technology, exposing 30% more inventory than before and offering in-store pick up and reserve in-store as standard checkout options. Our retailers are maximizing their competitive advantages to pure online-only e-tailers.

Our team consists of both retail and technology experts.