We are the world’s leading plug-and-play omnichannel system for understanding your inventory and optimizing sales.

Omnichannel Experts

Retailers who want “best of breed” technology choose SKU IQ.

We help companies like UNTUCKit and Credo Beauty grow and scale their businesses. Companies choose us because we get omnichannel retail. Omnichannel starts with connectivity, and you can’t deliver an omnichannel customer experience without your systems speaking with each other.

You sell online. You sell in-store. You need SKU IQ.

Retailers shouldn’t have to choose which features to go without, and SKU IQ simply does more.

What separates us


6 ways SKU IQ can help your business during Covid-19

Get your offline business, online

Feeling impacted by Covid-19? SKU IQ can help move your physical inventory online in order to take advantage of new sales opportunities, including curbside pickup.

Set up curbside pickup

Let SKU IQ keep your online orders in sync with your in-store inventory so that you can offer customers curbside pickup, or consider Cart if you need to be up and running in minutes, not weeks.

Single & Multistore Support

See a complete view of your inventory across all your retail and online stores. Eliminate double data entry and reduce overselling.

Product Catalog Migration

Send bulk product listings from your POS to your eCommerce system (and vice versa), or sync specific products only.

Cross Channel Analytics

Analyze the performance of different SKUs during a sales event or in various locations.

We strive to work with the best systems.

SKU IQ is able to integrate with the most advanced POS and eCommerce systems.

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