Sync your inventory within minutes.

Make your physical and online stores work together. Setup is simple and painless.


Start a trial and connect your POS and eCommerce to SKU IQ.

SKU IQ’s Sync integrates out of the box with common POS and eCommerce systems. Integration requires no additional hardware or system disruptions.

Create a new product in your POS or eCommerce.

Choose a primary system in which to work—your POS or your eCommerce—and create a new product in that system.

Start syncing.

SKU IQ will auto-link your new product to your secondary system, or you can use the app to pick and choose which products to sync.

Success! Once a SKU is linked, when it sells in-store its available quantity online will automatically update, and vice versa.


Existing data? Don't worry, we can help.

SKU IQ can help set you up with a complimentary bulk load. We send all current product data from one system to another.

If you have already have product data in both systems, request one of our automated link reports that will match listings based on SKU, UPC, or title.

Merge reports


Bulk loads

Pick and choose



Does it prevent overselling?

Yes, as items sell in-store, they will be deducted from your website, and vice versa. Eliminate nightly reconciliations and inaccurate sales.

Can I sync other fields?

Yes, SKU IQ’s Sync can keep more than the quantity of a product in sync. Have in-store price changes reflect online in real time. Change a UPC online, have it sync to your POS. And more.

Can I sync the full order?

Quantity adjustments are the default, but if you want the full web order information into your POS we can do that too.

Can I see what's syncing?

Yes, you’ll have a unified view of your inventory with SKU IQ’s intuitive dashboard. Manage all of your SKUs, online and in-store, from one spot.

Will this help me sell more online?

The convenience of being able to push products from your POS to your eCommerce automatically or with a click of a button will enable you to get 100% of your SKUs online while avoiding double data entry.

If I sync products to my eCommerce site, will they appear straight away?

Up to you. You can configure SKU IQ’s Sync software to default new products in a hidden or immediately live state.

More questions?