Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs to Sync your Point-of-Sale & eCommerce

How do you end your day? Maybe it’s with a happy hour at the bar to celebrate your business success. Or maybe, it’s a not-so-happy hour spent with an expired beer from the employee fridge, hovering over your Excel spreadsheet.

Many of our SKU IQ customers were just like you. Spending the end of their days filling in all those little boxes in their inventory charts from their Square and Shopify accounts, trying to track the who, when, and where of what was sold that day.

The real question is … why? Why deal with this ongoing inventory struggle? Especially when there are many reasons to pivot, and turn those tears into cheers. Here’s seven reasons why you need to sync your point-of-sale (POS) system and eCommerce platform:


Save time

The clock is ticking. You only have so many hours in your day. As a business owner your time is valuable. It’s time (literally!) to automate with a seamless system that will connect your brick-and-mortar store with your online store. By streamlining your processes, you can then dedicate more time to other aspects of your business, especially those that need an owner’s attention.


Save on staffing

Speaking of time. Times are a changing. Specifically with the pandemic and the rise of online shopping. Now is your chance to upgrade your inventory system with the right capabilities that connect  your POS and eCommerce. Hiring and training extra staff to make this happen IRL is probably unrealistic. SkuIQ has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for you, and your current staff, to get up to speed quickly.


Save(d) by the bell

No we’re not talking about Zac Morris. We’re talking about those all-too-common manual errors that have the potential to wreak havoc on your inventory. Automatic syncing between your POS and eCommerce systems will feel like a life-saver for your business. The average U.S. retail operation has an inventory accuracy of only 63 percent. By improving your inventory management, you’ll see your data in real time with the most accurate reporting.


Save $$$$$ with Square integration

Think of SKU IQ  as your imaginary friend. It may be invisible and running in the background but it’s always there when you need it. The worldwide cost of inventory distortion including shrinkage, stockouts, and overstock, is an estimated $1.1 trillion. You can avoid this and save money by sending your bulk or specific product listings from Square, or any POS system, to your online store or vice versa.


Save on responding to bad reviews

Most business owners are all too familiar with dissatisfied customers airing their grievances out with Yelp reviews. Unfortunately, customers are more likely to complain about bad experiences than they are about the good times.
Most complaints are rooted in inventory management issues, whether it’s the overall buying experience or out of stock products. These customer issues can be easily prevented by using an automated system that resolves these issues before they arise.


Save your fingers

You may think you have a decent inventory system right at your fingertips. But those fingers are probably in need of a hand massage from all that data entry you’ve been doing. By syncing inventory between your POS and eCommerce you’ll be able to keep it updated in real time. This means no more manual entry and just a few simple clicks to automation magic.


Save your sanity

This one is the most important. Imagine having peace of mind because your inventory is all connected. Knowing for a fact that there will be no mistakes or overselling or duplicate SKUs or erroneous data entry mishaps. You’re already juggling enough to make your business a success —during a pandemic no less!—so let’s take one more thing off your never-ending to do list.


So, we’ve given you many reasons for smart connected inventory. How about the reasons why not? The alternatives we’re trying to help you avoid all go back to that depressing expired beer at your desk. By getting rid of manual data entry, you’ll put an end to the overselling of items, poor customer service, and all that wasted time. You may be a little guy in a big pond but that doesn’t mean you have to run your business that way.

See for yourself why you need to sync your POS and eCommerce. Sign up for skuIQ’s 14-day free trial that includes unlimited syncing of products and access to all the helpful skuIQ features. We may even throw in a beer to replace that one from the employee fridge. But you won’t be needing it, cause your days of sad hours at your desk are over.

Experience effortless inventory management! Connect SKU IQ today and start syncing your Point-of-Sale with your eCommerce account.

Sign up, it’s FREE!

Experience effortless inventory management! Connect SKU IQ today and start syncing your Point-of-Sale with your eCommerce account.

Sign up, it’s FREE!