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Get your offline business, online

Feeling impacted by Covid-19? skuIQ can help move your physical inventory online in order to take advantage of new sales opportunities, including curbside pickup.

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No matter the type or size of your retail business, skuIQ can help.

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Get your offline business, online

Sync your point of sale (POS) with your eCommerce platform to start reaching your customers in multiple ways.

Set up curbside pickup

Let skuIQ keep your online orders in sync with your in-store inventory so that you can offer customers curbside pickup, or consider Cart if you need to be up and running in minutes, not weeks.

Ship from Store

Using Cart, offer local customers same-day delivery. With third-party shipping integrations, same-day delivery has never been easier.

Single & Multistore Support

See a complete view of your inventory across all your retail and online stores. Eliminate double data entry and reduce overselling.

Product Catalog Migration

Send bulk product listings from your POS to your eCommerce system (and vice versa), or sync specific products only.

Cross Channel Analytics

Analyze the performance of different SKUs during a sales event or in various locations.


Fully integrated retail.

Your data should be connected and portable. skuIQ connects with the world's leading retail platforms.


Built Locally, Trusted Globally.

Built by Stanford engineers, skuIQ was designed hand in hand with retailers and those closest to the industry, with simplicity and reliability at its core.


Millions of SKUs processed


Billions of sales processed


Delighting retailers and saving them valuable time.

"I have been with skuIQ for a couple months now and I don't think I can ever go back.

The platform is a breeze to use and there is always someone in customer service willing to go above and beyond to answer your questions."

"skuIQ has become a critical part of our business analytics and understanding. The system is really intuitive, and really user friendly.

The staff is incredibly helpful and really responsive. They really understand our needs as a business that is scaling quickly and are super quick in terms of development of new functionality. We all feel really grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a special group of people, and they certainly have made our jobs much easier!"

"skuIQ delivers a well thought out solution. Very responsive customer service which is quick to help out with any issues you may have.

I highly recommend that you give skuIQ a chance to earn your business, as they have earned mine."

"skuIQ has saved our company many hours per week on inventory updates.

Prior to skuIQ, we spent over 24 months struggling with manual updates of inventories and we were never able to get it timely or accurate."

"This is the exact solution we needed to connect our point of sale to our eCommerce.

After many attempts to do so with developers and other extensions, we finally have a solution (in skuIQ) that works great. You know something is working well when you don't have to pay too much attention to it and that is how this extension has been for us."

"The support from skuIQ is truly superior, the staff is highly knowledgeable and always seem so happy to help.

If you need an intuitive, easy to use, reliable solution to integrate your point of sale with eCommerce…then you've found it! I would just like to say that skuIQ is truly a breath of fresh air...a flawless extension/integration that delivers on what is promised!"

Save your time.
Focus on your business.

We understand retailers want to spend less time doing technical work. They'd rather maximize the returns on their effort by automating tasks as much as possible.

skuIQ's software can automate the drudgery of managing data between multiple retail systems in addition to providing omnichannel reports and insights you'd otherwise need to spend hours pulling together.

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