For Merchants

Sync Your POS and eCommerce to Manage Your Business as One

The world’s leading plug and play omni-channel system

Simplify store management

 Manage inventory, sales & customers in one dashboard

 Eliminate double data entry

 Cross-channel analytics

 Reduce overselling with automatic quantity adjustments between POS and eCommerce

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Connect your point-of-sale and eCommerce to Sku IQ to manage your in-store and online business as one, in minutes.

For Developers

Access Inventory From Millions of Merchants Globally

One RESTful API providing inventory SKU data and order history

Create your POS app today

 One JSON API for all POS systems

 Cloud-based API to securely retrieve data

 Real-time updates to inventory and sales

 Access to live POS data without any hardware installation

 Built by developers for developers

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Integrate once with Sku IQ to gain access to the leading retail point-of-sale systems

Omni-Channel Retailing Software.  Turn Your Stores Into Distribution Centers.