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SKU IQ helps small to medium businesses sync inventory and reporting between their Point-of-Sale and eCommerce platforms.

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Save Time by Connecting Your Point-of-Sale and eCommerce Inventory

Tired of spending hours on manual data entry?
With SKU IQ you can save time by automatically having your POS and e-commerce inventory sync in real-time!

Sync your between your Point-of-Sale and your eCommerce

Avoid manual double entry of your data and let SKU IQ sync your inventory, orders and product catalog.
SKU IQ is a flexible solution and supports both one-way and two-way sync.

Get your offline business, online

Sync your Point-of-Sale (POS) with your eCommerce platform and start taking advantage of new sales opportunities, including curbside pickup.

Single & Multistore Support

See a complete view of your inventory across all your retail and online stores. Eliminate double data entry and reduce overselling.

Product Catalog Management

Manage product catalog information from one platform and then push it to another eliminating the time needed to copy and maintain product titles, descriptions and SKU’s between platforms.

Cross Channel Analytics

Analyze the performance of different SKUs during a sales event or in various locations.

Sync and manage your inventory from one place

SKU IQ makes it easy to sync your inventory between your Point-of-Sale and your eCommerce.
View sales performance, recent orders and recent sync events from a single dashboard.

View products

View, edit and add new products, and decide where items appear. Find out what SKU IQ can do for your integration.

Get a link report

Avoid bad inventory data by finding and linking any matching products between your Point-of-Sale and eCommerce platform. Learn more

Migrate your product catalog

Want to avoid double data entry and bulk push products from one platform to the other? No problem. We offer this service free to all annual subscribers or as an additional service starting at $200. *Limited to 50K skus. Learn more

View sales, product and customer reports

Evaluate top sellers and discover your top customers from both platforms in one view. Find out what SKU IQ can do for your integration.

Fully integrated retail.

Your data should be connected and portable. SKU IQ connects with the world’s leading retail platforms.

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