3 Questions to ask yourself when trying to build online recognition

To help bring online recognition and customers to your store, ask yourself the following three questions. Are you actively managing your online review profiles? With a reported 57% of consumers saying they gain confidence in digitally native brands because of their online customer reviews and online brands also benefiting from reviews, making sure you have […]

Reconnect with industry partners, solution providers & more

Gaining clarity on vendor terms, service provider contracts, partner integration opportunities and more can help retailers both streamline and ease their operations, overhead and overall spend. The challenge to this, however, is taking the time to get these connections made. Allocating time, however, is what will make a difference.   To help identify the time […]

Looking to simplify your online store management?

Retailers can simplify their brand’s ability to quickly build new and edit existing webpages with commerce based platforms that have stores ready to go with customized options available. Drag-and-drop blocks of content called widgets – including individual products, carousels, text blocks, branded images and video, promotional banners, buy buttons, blocks of custom HTML and more […]

5 Questions to ask your technology partner in support of COVID-19

Reach out to the technologies in which you are currently using – such as your POS provider, email marketing solutions, CRM companies, e-commerce solutions and more – than identify what they have done to enhance retailers amidst and post COVID-19. You may be surprised to learn they have introduced new partnerships that align with your […]

Why move your physical inventory online?

Leading up to COVID-19, many retailers had yet to incorporate an omnichannel strategy despite the push for it in recent years. Others, however, were well integrated online with selling avenues overlapping from their own website, marketplace sites such as eBay and Amazon and for many, brick and mortar stores, as well. So when retail came […]

Top 5 ways to review your business and plan for the future

Reflecting on past business operations provides the chance to rediscover what was successful, what wasn’t, where opportunities were gained and where opportunities were missed. This is among the most critical journeys retailers need to make as they begin to look ahead for their businesses.    The following are a few places to start:    Where […]

4 Ways to Repurpose your Brick & Mortar Footprint

Very simply, physical store environments have demanded change in response to the coronavirus. From social distancing signage to curb-side pick-up to updated merchandising features and more, there are a variety of responsibilities and actions that customers need to be alerted to. Despite these updates, however, it’s important the core essentials of retail are not dismissed […]

What you need to know about the new realities of retail during COVID-19

Two recent consumer surveys conducted by Arlington Research and PFS web’s (NASDAQ: PFSW) operations business unit, identified that seven in ten consumers still expected delivery times within a week or less during the COVID-19 lockdown. Additionally, these same surveys revealed:   Social distancing and the COVID-19 Pandemic have encouraged over 6 in 10 consumers (63%) […]