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Sku IQ’s Reserve In-Store Widget for Shopify

Shopify Reservation Widget

Sku IQ has releases a new Reserve In-Store Widget for Shopify that allows customers to reserve products online, to be tried on in-store. Designed specifically for Shopify storefronts & powered by your POS, the Reserve-In-Store Widget is customizable to your liking and can be used with any Shopify theme.

To try out the Reserve In-Store Widget:

  1. Log in or sign up for a Sku IQ Account
  2. Connect your POS to Sku IQ
  3. Connect your Shopify to Sku IQ
  4. Enable the Shopify Reservation Widget

Once enabled, your real-time quantities will then be displayed on your website!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What does the Shopify Reservation Widget do?
A) The Reservation Widget serves as a messaging feature between you (the store) and customers that are interested in trying on a particular product. It encourages the customer to come into your store and try out the item. It is not a guaranteed sale, merely an expression of the customer’s interest/curiosity about a product.

Q) Is this different than the “Pick up in-store” feature offered during checkout?
A) Yes, this is different from “Pick up in store” where the customer buys the item online and picks up in-store. Pick up in-store = Generally offered during checkout and the customer pays before picking up the item. Reserve in-store = Offered on each product page and the customer does not pay before picking up the item. Both features can coexist on a website and we’ve found it to be very successful for retailers to generate sales leads and encourage engagement and more purchases, both in-store and online.

Q) Do reservation requests deduct the quantity from Shopify or my POS?
A) Reservation requests will not deduct the quantity from Shopify or your POS, as reservations do no guarantee a sale. Instead, this feature serves as a messaging feature between you and the customer.

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