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    For small businesses
    just starting out.

    400 Orders/mo

    Locations: 1
    Chat & Email Support

    $ 35/mo

    Billed Annually

    Or $45 if billed monthly*

    No credit card required

    For medium-sized businesses
    that need to sync more.

    1200 Orders/mo

    Locations: Up to 2
    Chat & Email Support

    $ 69/mo

    Billed Annually

    Or $89 if billed monthly*

    No credit card required

    For growing businesses
    with multiple locations.

    2500 Orders/mo

    Locations: Up to 5
    +Phone Support

    $ 129/mo

    Billed Annually

    Or $159 if billed monthly*

    No credit card required

    For super-charged businesses
    who need flexibility.

    10,000 Orders/mo

    Locations: Unlimited
    +Dedicated Support

    $ 279/mo

    Billed Annually

    Or $349 if billed monthly*

    No credit card required

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All Plans Include

Unlimited SKUs

Welcome onboarding

Inventory, orders and
product catalog sync
Daily or weekly sync
report via email

Customer and product reports

World-class support

Point-of-sale Integrations

Clover, Square, Lightspeed, Vend

eCommerce Integrations

Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix

Send Online Orders to POS

Clover, Square, Lightspeed, Shopify only



Product SKUS


Team members


Auto-Sync New Products
Quantity Syncing
Product Catalog Syncing*
Multi-Store Syncing
Product Catalog Migration
Yearly subscription only. Limited to 50K SKUs.
Supported Countries


* Includes syncing of item title, description, brand, size, color and more depending
on the integration. Learn more about the specifics regarding your integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trials are for 30 days, include all of SKU IQ’s features and don’t require a credit card. Every trial comes with a FREE one-on-one consultation to get you set up quickly.

SKU IQ provides multilocation support for integratations with Lightspeed Retail, Square, Vend and Shopify.

You may choose at any time to pause or delete your account. If you pause your account, all your settings will be maintained and SKU IQ will simply stop syncing quantities and other attributes between your POS and ecommerce platform. If you choose to delete your account, your login and data will be permanently deleted from SKU IQ’s servers and you will need to go through the set up process again should you ever choose to continue. Either way, the data on your POS and ecommerce platform is safe.

SKU IQ syncs quantities and product catalog attributes such as title, description, brand, etc. Syncing product catalog attributes can be customized with the help of our support team. Sync can be established either by linking matching products by title, SKU or UPC (barcode) or by pushing a product item from one platform to the other. You can also request any newly created items be automatically pushed and synced.

No. We have a step-by-step setup guide that you can go through yourself or with one of our support members who will guide you through the setup process. You can schedule a schedule a FREE one-on-one consultation at any time.

Yes. We do offer a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of paid service. Along with the trial, that means 60 days of risk-free usage of SKU IQ.

Onboarding is a four step process that includes connecting, analyzing, mapping and syncing your inventories. Onboarding can take only minutes depending on how well organized your inventory is and how many product items you have. If before or ever during the onboarding process you wish to speak to a sync specialist, you can schedule a schedule a FREE one-on-one consultation.

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