Why us?

We’ve been living and breathing retail technologies for the last decade.


We learned to articulate and explain technology to a broad audience at CNET.

Physical X Digital

We navigated the guts,of brick-and-mortar as we pioneered new digital services at Westfield and Macerich.

Product Inventory

We’ve spent years indexing offline retail information for POS systems all along.

Leadership & Expertise

Kevin McKenzie, CEO

EVP, Chief Digital Officer at Macerich

  • Ideated and built BrandBox (www.brandbox.com), a turnkey approach to physical retail for digitally native brandspibus leo.
  • Lead co-working strategy and implementation

EVP, Chief Digital Officer at Westfield

  • First CDO in the Real Estate Industry
  • Oversaw the development of all digital strategy and omni-channel initiatives

CEO-Founder, NinthDecimal

  • Leading location data measurement platform
  • $50 million dollar company that measures location lift for Lowes, Macy’s and Target
  • Sold to InMarket

SVP, CNET Shopping

  • Lead the creation and development of CNET’s marketplace-leads model
  • Acquired by CBS

Mohith Julapalli, Founder & CTO

Co-founder & CTO, SKU IQ

  • Lead behind SKU IQ’s entire suite of innovative SaaS

Technology Advisor, UNTUCKit

  • CTO-level consulting support for one of SKU IQ’s oldest clients

Director of AI Technology, Accenture

  • Led AI strategy worldwide
  • Recruited directly by Chief Strategy Officer

Engineering leadership across large (Oracle, Stripe) and small enterprises (skuIQ, Suki AI)

Stanford MSCS AI & JD,

Shelby Bonnie, Chairman

Shelby co-founded CNET in the 1990s where he led a large merger with then, competitor, ZDNET. While at CNET, Shelby also

  • Responded to the downturn starting in 2001 by rebuilding the entire publishing infrastructure
  • Led an industry effort to redesign digital ad unit standards and became IAB Chairman
  • Started work on machine learni

He later went on to build Pylon ai, an artificial intelligence-powered content services for voice interfaces.