Get your offline business, online

SKU IQ syncs inventory, product and customer data from your point-of-sale to your eCommerce system

Get your offline business, online

Sync your point of sale (POS) with your eCommerce platform to start reaching your customers multiple ways.

Set up curbside pickup

Let SKU IQ keep your online orders in sync with your in-store inventory so that you can offer customers curbside pickup.

Single & Multistore Support

See a complete view of your inventory across all your retail and online stores. Eliminate double data entry and reduce overselling.


Delighting retailers and saving them valuable time.



Fully integrated retail.

Your data should be connected and portable. SKU IQ connects with the world’s leading retail platforms.

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Get a one-time product catalog migration when you sign up for yearly billing


For small businesses with up to 500 orders/month or that want to sync more attributes.

$ 35 /mo

Billed Annually
SAVE $120/YR

No credit card required


For businesses with up to 1,000 orders/month or that have more than one location.

$ 69 /mo

Billed Annually
SAVE $240/YR

No credit card required


For businesses with a large volume of orders or that have multiple locations.

$ 189 /mo

Billed Annually
SAVE $600/YR

No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long is the trial?

Trials are for 30 days, include all of SKU IQ’s features and don’t require a credit card. Every trial comes with a FREE one-on-one consultation to get you set up quickly.

Will a trial change my data?

After signing up and connecting your retail platforms, nothing will sync or be modified. This is intentional so that you can feel safe trying out the software. However, the trial is fully operative, so once your setup is complete and selected products have been linked, SKU IQ will sync quantities based on any orders.

Does SKU IQ support multiple locations?

SKU IQ provides multilocation support for integratations with Lightspeed Retail, Square, Vend and Shopify.

How long does setup take?

Depending on what data needs to be synced, a setup can take up from 20 minutes to 2-4 hours. Initially, SKU IQ has to fetch information from your POS and Ecommerce services. So, the more data there is, the more it can take for a setup to be completed.

Save your time.

Focus on your business.

We understand retailers want to spend less time doing technical work. They’d rather maximize the returns on their effort by automating tasks as much as possible.

SKU IQ’s software can automate the drudgery of managing data between multiple retail systems in addition to providing omnichannel reports and insights you’d otherwise need to spend hours pulling together.