Using Social Media to Generate eCommerce Sales During the Holidays

Various popular social media platforms offer the unique opportunity to directly engage consumers and promote your brand. When done right, you can boost social media brand awareness and increase online sales during the upcoming holiday season.

The holidays are the retail juggernaut of the year – every year. Once Halloween is over, many people start to focus on the upcoming holidays. Three of the nation’s biggest holidays happen within six weeks, including the annual gift-giving for the Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa holidays.

Holiday shoppers bought about $7 billion worth of goods online and via mobile devices during the 2021 holiday season. Good Friday and Cyber Monday, which immediately follow Thanksgiving Day are the two biggest sales days of the year for eCommerce shops.

The holiday buying season lasts a lot longer than those few days, though. Your social media holiday marketing campaign should, too. With proper commitment and implementation, the following tips could help you to increase your social media brand awareness and online sales during the upcoming holiday season.


Increasing Brand Awareness on Social Media

You should get creative with your social media content when promoting your brand. Unique content that is relevant to consumers and draws them in is bound to catch the attention of more customers. Knowing how to increase brand awareness on social media is half the battle in boosting your online sales at any time of the year, especially during the holiday season.

You want to reach consumers who have a strong interest in purchasing your goods. They might not know that you exist or otherwise lack the motivation to learn about your business. Delivering content that compels them to read and visit your website will help to drive relevant traffic to your retail site. 

Timing the frequency of your social media posts and the various subjects will also help to obtain better results. Additionally, staying consistent with social media posting and branding will build recognition among your followers, as well as trust. Direct marketing typically has a meager response rate, but social media can be much more compelling.

A combination of on brand photos, videos, and images can help to capture people’s interest and encourage them to click a link to learn more. When they click a link, they actively are showing interest in what you have to offer. That gives you the first great opportunity to close a sale, gain new customers, and entice existing customers to return more often to place orders.


Start Early and Tailor Your Ads for Holiday Content

Online holiday sales generally start upon the conclusion of Halloween. Most of the biggest online retailers, like Amazon, are already promoting prices that are discounted for the holidays. An early start is needed to give consumers the confidence of knowing their items will arrive before the holidays.

Your social media presence should help to position your business as a trusted source of quality goods that are available at reasonable prices. Social media content that helps to instill confidence in the consumer regarding your expertise and authority makes it easier for potential customers to feel secure and confident in buying your products.

Creating authoritative content regarding the goods that you most want to market could help to attract interested consumers. You could create a blog post or a highly informative ad page for a particular product or group of products and demonstrate your expertise with them.

Producing regular content that demonstrates subject expertise helps to enhance your social media brand awareness by positioning your business as a trusted authority. It also helps to instill confidence in your legitimacy as an online seller.


Create a Sense of Urgency

During this era of supply chain disruptions and empty store shelves, it becomes more important for consumers to act when they find items that they need or desire. When you have such items on hand, the consumer is more likely to make a purchase online or via a mobile device.

If you are selling particularly popular items, you should discuss them individually or in small groups while enticing the viewer to place an order. A subtle motivator could suggest quantities are running low due to your special low pricing.

About six in 10 online customers place an order once and never return to that site again. When you can engage consumers with compelling social media content, your business might buck that trend while increasing your sales.



Social media is a resourceful tool in the holiday eCommerce game. Use it wisely and it can generate sales and help build your customer base for the future.  

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Experience effortless inventory management! Connect SKU IQ today and start syncing your Point-of-Sale with your eCommerce account.

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