Looking to simplify your online store management?

Retailers can simplify their brand’s ability to quickly build new and edit existing webpages with commerce based platforms that have stores ready to go with customized options available. Drag-and-drop blocks of content called widgets – including individual products, carousels, text blocks, branded images and video, promotional banners, buy buttons, blocks of custom HTML and more – make it easy for retailers to make these sites their own, expanding their opportunity to capture sales along the way:






Questions you might have:


  • Can I connect my physical store inventory with a new ecommerce platform? Yes.
  • Can I have one source of truth for all inventory management? Yes.


skuIQ can support you with any of the following challenges:


  • I have two inventory systems for my brick and mortar store and online store, I need to connect them. 
  • I want to stop double data entry for all my inventory. 
  • I am sitting on inventory and need to sell it using an Ecommerce website, but I have no budget to build a website or way to display inventory online.
  • I want my customers to be able to order online and curbside or instore pick up. I need a platform to add these technical capabilities fast. 
  • I want my inventory online for customers to view, reserve, and then pick up. 
  • I want my sales in-store and online to sync. 



Connect POS & eCommerce


Omnichannel analytics


Universal API for retail