5 Questions to ask your technology partner in support of COVID-19

Reach out to the technologies in which you are currently using – such as your POS provider, email marketing solutions, CRM companies, e-commerce solutions and more – than identify what they have done to enhance retailers amidst and post COVID-19. You may be surprised to learn they have introduced new partnerships that align with your updated goals, or they have provided alternative payment options due to COVID-19. Being proactive in reaching out to these partners can help your company be more active in your immediate retail journey.


The key is taking the time to identify how each partner can bring you added benefits to your business. Ask them –point blank – the following to get the opportunities rolling


  1. What updated features or services does your company offer in response to COVID-19?
  2. How can I reduce my spend with your business without compromising your services /inventory?
  3. Are there opportunities to enhance my business I may not be familiar with?
  4. What new integrations have you introduced to your company that I should be familiar with?
  5. What other ways can you support me?


“Running a retail business requires countless partners, providers and resources in order to operate at its best. Technology providers should make these integrations available to merchants, allowing them to enhance their operations through marketing, loyalty, CRM, analytics, scheduling, payments, invoicing and more. When seeking technology partners, be sure to review the integrations they currently offer, as well.” says Peter Dougherty, Senior Director of Global Partnerships for Lightspeed



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